Success Stories

Clark Gilmer
Her participation in the Southeast Talent Search lead to the following:

Featured on America's Next Top Model 

Signed with Arlene Wilson (Atlanta) after the Southeast Talent Search

Modeled for American Apparel

Modeled for Ines Del Mar

Kathryn VanZant

Signed with the following agencies: Click Agency (Atlanta), Elite (Miami), Heffner Management (Seattle), and Flash Model Management (Milan)

Modeled for the Panasonic campaign

Face of the Goody's campaign

Modeled in international markets

Edward Salisbury
Three time participant in the Southeast Talent Search, which lead to:

Starred in the film Elephant Garden

Video / print shoot for Kiawah Islands Resorts

Featured on Army Wives, Spring

Joanna Hardy

Modeled for Tiffany & Co.

Featured in the Marriot campaign

LeAnna Jacobs

Featured on American Girl Spring cover

Logan Cobb

Signed with CESD (New York)

Worked on the film "Home of the Giants" with Haley Joel Osment

Justin Mitchell

Modeled for Trek Bikes

Signed with Innovative Artists

Kendall Bartley

Signed with CESD, NY

Worked with iPod

Allison Millar

Signed with Click Model Management, NY

Latonya Frasier

Army Wives on Lifetime Television, "Holly"


Sullivan Porcaro

Cover of Lowcountry Parent Magazine 

Nathaniel Elrod

SC Tourism Commercial 

SAKS 5th Avenue

Morgan Wheeler

L'Anza Hair, Role of Ashley in the film Give's

Jason Shumpert

Trek Bikes

Braeden Burton

Belk Easter Catalogue

Ashlyn Laney

FSA Fire and H2O commercial 

Caleb Reed

Ann Taylor Loft 

Lena Matthews

Christophe Harbour & Kiawah Island Resorts 

Justice Burton

SAKS 5th Avenue 


Cottonelle Campaign

Kaitlin Tang

American Girl Magazine 

Cottonelle Campaign

Mark Wiltse

-Signed with directions USA and Click, Atlanta

Jessica Jones

-Signed with Directions USA

Zoe Szymanski

-print campaign for Sea Island Resort

Ashlyn Noonan

-Signed with FFT, NY